EEA Releases Findings from Ethereum Sustainability and Resource Efficiency Workshop

Report Highlights Areas Where Businesses Can Make Energy Efficiency Improvements When Building on Ethereum

WAKEFIELD, Mass. – April 12, 2022 – The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) today announced the publication of its Summary Report & Key Takeaways: EEA Workshop on Sustainability and Resource Efficiency in Public and Private Ethereum Networks, available as a document for download free of charge. The report outlines key findings of the EEA Ethereum Sustainability and Resource Efficiency Workshop, where EEA leaders and the Ethereum community discussed the ways to optimize the energy efficiency of business operations.

“Ethereum is accelerating its path to a greener future. With the rise of DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs more businesses are looking to build on Ethereum and want to understand how to reduce their carbon footprint,” said EEA Executive Director Dan Burnett. “The EEA summary report provides important insights from Ethereum researchers and the business community on ways to create sustainable Web 3.0 business models. A special thanks to EEA members — the Ethereum Foundation, SKALE Labs and the Wanchain Foundation — for their work on this important summary report.”

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The EEA Summary Report includes opening remarks from Carl Beekhuizen, Ethereum Foundation researcher and the author of Ethereum’s Energy Usage Will Soon Decrease by ~99.95%, a discussion moderated by EEA Board member Yorke Rhodes III, Cofounder, Blockchain @Microsoft and Director, Digital Transformation, Blockchain. A full recording of their interview is also available here.

“Businesses remain committed to removing their entire carbon footprint and need to be very deliberate about achieving sustainability milestones,” said Rhodes, who recently authored the EEA research blog Ethereum’s Environmental Footprint: Breaking Down the Misconceptions.  “The EEA summary report offers key takeaways on what businesses can do today and expect in the future to reduce energy consumption, network bandwidth and processing capacity within Ethereum’s emerging Web 3.0 technical stack.”

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